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In the dynamic landscape of the Brisbane Property Market, a nuanced understanding of properties, the local community, and the preferences of buyers is crucial for success. As specialists within this area, we have honed our expertise to navigate the intricacies of this market.

Brisbane, renowned for its vibrant urban culture and relaxed lifestyle, offers a diverse range of properties, from modern high-rise apartments with stunning river views to charming suburban homes nestled in leafy neighborhoods. Our specialization lies in deciphering the unique character of each property, recognizing their potential and value in the market.

However, our expertise extends beyond property itself. We recognize the importance of community in influencing property values and desirability. By immersing ourselves in the fabric of Brisbane's neighborhoods, we gain insights into local schools, amenities, transportation options, and cultural hotspots. This knowledge allows us to present properties not just as physical structures, but as integral parts of a larger, thriving community.

Is your property tenanted?

If you are considering selling, please reach out to us prior to renewing your tenancy.  This allows us an opportunity to review the current presentation and advise the most preferred next steps. 

We are well versed in working with tenants within Brisbane to run a successful sale whilst keeping all parties happy.

Are you an owner occupier?

Within the current market, there is a significant demand for property that buyers can move straight into. Evoking emotion within these buyers is key when striving for a premium price. 

Aligning the presentation, price and promotion of your property enables a prime platform for a successful sale.   

When preparing sales campaigns within the surrounding Brisbane suburbs, the above questions are key to executing a strategy that delivers a premium result. Depending on your specific circumstances, our recommendations vary significantly.


Median Selling Price





Dwelling prices have increased by 0.1% between June to July.

The amount of listing on the current market is 17.8% lower now compared to the June average over the last 5 years.

Enquiries have risen 27.3%. The current median days on market is 18.


High demand + limited available properties = Now is the perfect time to sell your property

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