Meet Chloe Montague,

Your Teneriffe Property Specialist

Lead Agent

Meet Chloe Montague,

Your Teneriffe Property Specialist

Lead Agent

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About Me

Chloe Montague is the vivacious lead agent here at Rissman Property who’s injecting fun, energy, and boundless enthusiasm into Brisbane’s real estate scene! With her extraordinary people skills, kind-hearted nature, and uncontainable passion for the property industry, Chloe is an absolute treasure within the Rissman Property Team.

As a true Brisbane local, Chloe possesses an innate understanding of the city’s unique charm and character. She’s not just familiar with the streets; she’s attuned to the beating heart of Brisbane. Her ability to decode buyer behaviour and her keen eye for deciphering the emotions and intentions that drive them set her apart as a remarkable asset.

Chloe is the secret sauce that makes Team Teneriffe an undeniable force in the real estate world. Her infectious enthusiasm infuses every interaction with a burst of positive energy, making every step of your property journey a delightful adventure.

Beyond her professional prowess, Chloe’s genuine warmth and compassion shine through. She doesn’t just sell houses; she creates homes and fosters connections that go beyond four walls. Her clients aren’t just clients; they’re cherished members of a growing community.

In her free time, Chloe’s adventurous spirit comes to life as she explores Brisbane’s hidden gems, seeking out new experiences and sharing her discoveries with friends and clients alike. Her love for this vibrant city is not just about knowing its streets; it’s about embracing its essence and helping you find your perfect place within it.

So, whether you’re a seasoned investor, a first-time buyer, or simply looking for a dose of positivity in your property journey, Chloe Montague is your go-to lead agent at Rissman Property.

Ready to make your move?

"We have just bought our first home through Rissman property and we are incredibly grateful to the staff at the agency. Chloe in particular was amazing- she was friendly, knowledgable, and found us our dream property before it went on the open market. Thank you for all your help!"

- Alex Hornsby

"Chloe was very supportive through the process of purchase. She was responsive, helpful and overall the perfect agent."

- Abigail Van Mater

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